First Blog

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my website. If you want to know my background, you can just click the link in the bio. This is my first blog so it will just be me being real with everyone. As a new music producer in the business, I am trying numerous ways to get my music heard. I didn't think about writing a blog until I went to and they had a list of reasons why I should create my own blog. Personally I don't like writing especially long pages but I'll be willing to do so when I am able to write about my passions as a Music Producer.

Since this is the debut of my blog, I will treat is as the start or groundwork on my future blogs and the various topics that I will be talking about in relation to music production. Since my primary production is Lo-Fi/Hip-Hop, I will be going over lots of materials about the subject. My next blog post will be my relationship with Hip-Hop, how I went from being indifferent about it, to hating it and now being totally dedicated to the music. I will also be going over my favorite Hip-Hop producers, rappers and anything else related to the topic.

I love Hip-Hop not just as a fan but also as a producer since that is the main product I produce. With that, I will also reveal the setup in my music studio. What DAWs did I use, the plugins, the hardware and steps I made for myself in the creative process. I will also be going over popular and sometimes controversial ideas within the Hip-Hop producer community. Which Hip-Hop subgenre is better; Trap or Boom-Bap. Is Boom-Bap Hip-Hop dead or underground, sample beats or synthetic sounds? We can even ask which DAW is better? I'll tackle each debate though my perspective but at the same time I can respect the other side of the spectrum. For example, I lean more towards Boom-Bap than Trap but I won't ever say that Boom-Bap is better than trap. Both have great contributions in Hip-Hop and it should be left to the listener to decide whatever they want to listen to.

In addition, I will be reviewing the tools I use to create music. My setup contains the Akai MPC One, Roland FA-08 and coming soon the Roland SP 404 MK 2. Depending on where I decide to go, I'll also make videos and post them on YouTube explaining my creative process which each instruments and helpful tips if you ever decide to buy them. Of course I can't leave out the DAWs. FL Studio and Cubase are my main DAWs for operation so if you also use these DAWs as a music producer; Awesome. If not, it's still cool. All DAWs are mostly the same with a few distinctions so you can still learn a thing or two if you use Ableton, Reaper, etc...


Finally, there will also be some miscellaneous categories like motivation, creative burnout, or anything outside a Hip-Hop production. I'll think of more ideas as a go-along. Announcements will also appear of this page. Whether it's working on a new album or single, I will let y'all know here. This is a short blog. I don't have anymore to add at this point. Just a way to be real with you all. Thanks again and please check out my beats store and Lo-Fi music when you get a chance. Peace y'all.



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